16 Reasons You’ll Love Your New Vision

1. Better Technology, Better Results, Better Vision

You’ve heard the adage that “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. Trying to produce consistently excellent vision with outdated LASIK technology is just as foolish. Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result”. Unfortunately, many Lasik surgeons today still mindlessly use outdated traditional Lasik for their patients, apparently believing that they can create good results with old technology.

Today’s cure for refractive insanity is Bladeless Wavefront-guided laser treatments. So what exactly is Wavefront? That can be a complicated question to answer. However, remember how the Hubble telescope was out of focus when NASA first sent it into orbit. To correct the scientific blunder, optical engineers fitted the blurry Hubble with a Wavefront corrective lens and the new images were “out of this world” – well actually nearly out of this universe. Wavefront technology is also at the heart of the James Webb Deep Space Telescope scheduled to be launched by NASA in 2018. The same engineers that worked on the Hubble and James Webb telescopes designed the wavefront technology used at Will Vision. Incredible space age stuff now used to correct the human eye.

Whether you are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism, Wavefront-guided laser vision correction provides a clarity of vision that is truly unmatched by older traditional Lasik.

Wavefront-guided laser treatments work just as elegantly as the optical upgrade on the Hubble telescope and the incredible optics of NASA’s newest masterpiece – the James Webb telescope. By measuring all the aberrations in your eyes, we can create a unique laser treatment plan that can reduce or eliminate all of the weird distortions that are specific to your particular anatomy.

It’s the ultimate in customized designer surgery and the optical equivalent of Hubble telescope technology for your eyes. And the results can be just as amazing. With Wavefront, your vision can frequently be even superior to normal 20/20 acuity. Kind of supervision for the ordinary man.

We believe that every person deserves his or her best personal vision – not just aspiring superheroes. So, if a lifetime of absolutely stellar clear vision without the hassle of nighttime glare and halos sounds good, Wavefront-guided treatments are your procedure of choice.

While we can’t give you the vision to see through walls, stop a speeding freight train or peer into the edge of the galaxy, with wavefront laser treatments we can provide you with amazing personal best vision today.

Better technology. Better results. Better Vision. Only makes sense, doesn’t it? Will Vision and Wavefront-guided methodology – the future’s right before your eyes.

2. World recognized Authority and Leadership.

Dr. Will is a recognized world authority on Wavefront-guided Bladeless Lasik. He literally pioneered the Bladeless technology and has the award to prove it. His firsts in the field of refractive surgery are unparalleled in the Pacific Northwest.

He is Assistant Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the Loma Linda University School of Medicine and routinely teaches other surgeons about advanced Lasik techniques. He has been invited to speak to his colleagues at every major scientific meeting on laser vision correction both in the US and internationally. He teaches courses on surgery and surgical technique in North America and abroad.

Bottom line: Dr. Will has personally taught and participated in the training of more refractive surgeons and has performed more custom bladeless Wavefront-guided procedures than any other single refractive surgeon in the entire Pacific Northwest. Now that’s the experience you can trust.

Dr. Will’s expertise is recognized by both his peers and the heads of industry. Will Vision is a recognized Center of Excellence for Johnson and Johnson Vision, a Center of Excellence for AcuFocus® and a Center of Excellence for Carl Zeiss.

In life, there are leaders and followers. Leaders provide vision and direction while their disciples do their best to copy or emulate the master. Whether you’re attempting to diagnose that weird medical condition you noticed last week or are just needing to get your car repaired, it pays to bring your problem to the master – not the guy who claims he’s “just as good as.”

Dr. Will “wrote the book” on Bladeless Lasik. He has published more chapters on surgical technique for Bladeless Lasik in leading textbooks on Lasik than any other single surgeon in the world.

He also discovered the link between damaged epithelium and the toxicity of common eye drops used for anesthesia during Lasik and his methods for avoiding those problems have been adopted by nearly every leading Lasik surgeon in America.

Dr. Will also recognized that what the textbooks taught regarding the root cause for problems associated with inflammation in Lasik eyes was incorrect. His independent research completely revolutionized the scientific understanding of the cause of the disorder, and his novel thinking generated a unique treatment program that is able to provide perfect vision for patients affected by serious eye inflammation that in the past would have certainly experienced compromised vision or even faced a complete corneal transplant.

In life, if you want the best you go to the best; for laser vision correction in the Pacific Northwest that best is Dr. Will at Will Vision and Laser Centers.

3. All Laser Bladeless Lasik

Today’s Lasik Gold Standard

Will Vision and Laser Centers introduced Bladeless Lasik, alternatively known as “All laser Lasik,” to the Pacific Northwest in 2002. Today the Bladeless Lasik method of performing laser vision correction is recognized worldwide as the most advanced and safest method of performing Lasik surgery.

With the “Bladeless Lasik” method, only laser energy is used for the entire Lasik procedure. In contrast, with older traditional Lasik, the first step of the procedure is performed using a steel bladed microkeratome that slices the eye’s surface.

US Military Only Uses Bladeless Lasik

Don’t just take our word for it. The US military has studied Lasik technology for years because when you are flying a state-of-the-art military jet at supersonic speeds in combat, perfect vision is not a luxury. Although standard microkeratome-based Lasik had been around for many years, concerns about the harsh aviation environment had previously prevented its use in U.S. military aviators. Military eye surgeons had been understandably cautious of employing standard microkeratome Lasik on aviators who frequently encounter environmental extremes such as high altitude, dry air, windblast, and G-forces.

Now that has all changed thanks to Bladeless Lasik technology. According to Capt. Steve Schallhorn, Navy Program Manager for Refractive Surgery, “Wavefront-guided Lasik using the Bladeless Lasik method represents the best-of-the-best and is a truly exciting advancement for critical personnel whose sight is of utmost importance in their military duties.”

World Wide Acceptance

Today, more than 2,000 surgeons worldwide have incorporated the Bladeless Lasik method into their Lasik practices. In fact, all of the top U.S. ophthalmic teaching institutes use the Bladeless Lasik laser technology to train future generations of Lasik surgeons.

How it Works

Bladeless Lasik provides us with the first technology for a truly all-laser, blade-free Lasik procedure, replacing the hand-held microkeratome blade historically used in creating Lasik corneal flaps. The Bladeless Lasik laser virtually eliminates all of the most severe, sight-threatening Lasik complications related to use of the microkeratome and provides for better visual outcomes — taking many patients to 20/20 vision and beyond.

The VisuMax® and iFS® femtosecond lasers used at Will Vision are gently docked to the eye and precisely focused to a point within the cornea. Generating up to 500,000 pulses per second they create thousands of microscopic bubbles that create the incision within the cornea. Along the flap edge, bubbles are then stacked up at a beveled angle that enhances wound healing – a feature unique to the Bladeless Lasik method — to the corneal surface to complete the flap. From start to finish, the flap creation portion of the Bladeless Lasik method typically takes approximately 15 seconds.

The physician then exposes the smooth corneal surface by lifting the flap and reshaping the cornea with the excimer laser. The Lasik procedure is complete when the flap is securely repositioned and carefully aligned to the beveled edge.

With the Bladeless Lasik method, the surgeon can precisely control the critical first step of Lasik. Physician-programmed laser specifications include flap diameter, depth, hinge location and width, and side-cut architecture — factors which can be varied to meet patients’ needs. The Bladeless Lasik method creates a distinctive beveled-edge flap, which allows for precise repositioning, alignment and better adherence after the LASIK procedure is completed. This feature creates stronger healing, a stronger eye and helps reduce the risk of flap displacement, a complication seen with microkeratome flaps.

Safest Technique with Better Visual Results

Beyond improving the safety of the procedure, Lasik using the advanced Bladeless Lasik method has been shown clinically to deliver better visual outcomes in both standard and Custom Lasik procedures with more patients achieving visual acuity of 20/20, 20/15 and even 20/12.5. These remarkable results are the product of the optimized corneal surface prepared by the femtosecond laser in creating the corneal flap. The precision of the laser creates the smoothest corneal bed thereby providing the ideal surface for the vision correction performed by the excimer laser in the second step of the Lasik procedure.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a military aviator, fly supersonic combat jets or travel to outer space in order to appreciate Bladeless Lasik. At Will Vision and Laser Centers, we have been using the Bladeless Lasik method for over fourteen years. In fact, we introduced the technology to the Pacific Northwest in 2002. Dr. Will actually pioneered the technique and has been instrumental in refining the technology.

Other generic Lasik centers may tout that they have Bladeless Lasik, but many frequently still offer the old blade technology at a discount. These centers need to take some advice from the US military – if you can’t use the best technology, then you’re better off to do nothing at all.

Better Technology, Better Results, Better Vision

Want to see what the future of laser vision correction looks like? Don’t wait for generic Lasik centers to show you. Contact Will Vision today and see for yourself. Wavefront-guided technology combined with the Bladeless Lasik method is the most advanced laser vision correction procedure possible. We provide only the best and most advanced technology available on the planet. There’s nothing extra to purchase or upgrade to because every patient at Will Vision and Laser Centers receives the Bladeless Lasik method. By delivering tomorrow’s technology today, we are revolutionizing the way you see the world.

Better technology, better results, better vision. Only makes sense, doesn’t it? Will Vision and Bladeless Lasik methodology – the future’s right before your eyes.

4. Recognized Center of Excellence.

Getting your information from the grapevine is a good plan if you’re in the grape business. However, unless your best friends mother’s brother works at a Lasik center, getting reliable information on the street about where to go and who to see might leave you misinformed and even confused.

Seems like you can get Lasik done just about anywhere nowadays. But just how many of those Lasik centers popping up like mushrooms after a rain are recognized in the industry as a true Center of Excellence?

Experts in the eye care industry agree – Will Vision & Laser Centers is an internationally recognized Center of Excellence – acclaimed by eye care industry giants such as Johnson and Johnson Vision®, Carl Zeiss® and AcuFocus®. We are the only Lasik in the Pacific Northwest selected to participate in vision correction FDA trials. No other laser vision center in the Pacific Northwest has received these industry accolades.

In addition, Dr. Will has provided expert medical consulting work for numerous eye care companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. He even has patents pending on new eye equipment that will serve to further improve and enhance the art of refractive surgery.

Excellence – hard to measure? Not at Will Vision and Laser Centers. We’ve already received the stamp of recognition from the people in-the-know.

It’s OK to play follow the leader. Because, in the Pacific Northwest, Will Vision and Laser Centers lead the way as an industry acclaimed Center of Excellence. Why don’t you find out what you’ve been missing and call us today for your complimentary consultation.

5. No Nickel and Dime – No Bait and Switch

P.T. Barnum is often attributed with coining the phrase “a sucker is born every minute.” Seems like many LASIK centers today agree with that perspective and operate as if their consumers were born yesterday. Why else would they insult their clientele with phony ads that suggest bargain basement prices, while their hidden prices are nowhere near the loss leader price in the coupon mailer? Used car sales techniques in medicine – not a very pretty picture.

Health care is no place for these aggressive nickel and dime sales techniques. You deserve professional care and complete respect for you as a person. That’s why at Will Vision and Laser Centers we don’t attempt to sandbag you with complex pricing schemes that attempt to hide the true cost for your procedure. If you are smart enough to be considering Bladeless Wavefront-guided Lasik surgery, then you are smart enough to see through offensive unprofessional and unethical marketing ploys that have no legitimate place in the medical care decision process.

At Will Vision and Laser Centers, we offer the best technology for one comprehensive fee. No scams, no hidden upgrade charges and pricing gimmicks that assume that your credit card has no upper limit. We don’t subject you to aggressive sales techniques that attempt to upsell you unnecessary warranties for future care, technology upgrades, sharp versus dull microkeratome blades, punctual plugs, or whatever new deceptive medical nonsense the pretender Lasik centers can cook up.

For state-of-the-art technology, ethical medical practices, clear information, experience and a passion for personalized care, the best choice in the Pacific Northwest is Will Vision and Laser Centers.

6. No tiered pricing schemes

“Are you feeling lucky today?” Not exactly the first words you like to hear from a Lasik counselor, yet that is exactly the message that you will be presented with if you visit many Lasik centers today.

At those centers, you can elect to have your Lasik surgery on old excimer laser technology combined with stone-age bladed microkeratome equipment. Choosing a less expensive procedure that provides you with a higher than average risk for intraoperative complications; has a historical track record of creating potentially disastrous effects on your vision; exhibits a substantially higher risk for glare and halos effects from decentered treatments and; has less than ideal ablation profiles; just because its cheaper doesn’t make much sense. Cheap Lasik surgery is not a bargain; it’s a game of Russian roulette.

At Will Vision and Laser Centers, we don’t want to leave anything to lady luck and we don’t think that it’s fair to an unsophisticated consumer to ask them to choose the prospective quality of their vision based on some obscure tiered pricing scheme that is based more on maximizing corporate profits than on your welfare.

That’s why we provide only the latest and most advanced technology for ALL of our patients. That means using fifth-generation femtosecond laser technology for every Lasik flap for absolute precision in flap architecture and the highest level of procedure safety possible. It also means shaping the new optics of your eye based on the most precise Fourier based wavefront reconstructions available that are 5 times more accurate than all other systems. It also means using the most advanced iris registration software available to ensure the every laser pulse is delivered to the desired location on your cornea’s surface. It also means using high-speed variable spot scanning laser technology that provides the smoothest contour possible while minimizing thermal tissue loading which results in measurably more predictable healing responses.

At Will Vision and Laser Centers, we are not willing to leave your vision and our reputation for excellence to chance.

7. Negligible Downtime.

You’re buried in work. Family and friends are competing for your attention. Taking time off for laser vision correction instead of the vacation at the beachfront condo doesn’t seem like a desirable tradeoff.

Relax; you can have your work and Lasik too. With advanced Bladeless Wavefront-guided Lasik, most patients return to normal activities within hours of their procedure.

Want to skip work for a few days? That’s your call; your boss can surely sympathize with someone who just had laser eye surgery. We won’t tell on you if you’d rather spend the first few days experiencing your new-found freedom from glasses or contact lenses fishing on the Willamette, snowboarding on Mt. Hood, or catching some rays on the sundeck instead of banging out the sixteenth version of the company’s financial spreadsheet on your PC.

8. Get your life back.

How much time and money have you spent on glasses and contact lenses? Imagine a life where you don’t need an extra 20 minutes a day to put in and take out your eyes or feed them contact lens solutions and lubricants to make it through the day. Think of the countless hours you could save.

If you spend more of your precious time managing your vision aids than you do at the gym, you need Lasik. Just ask the millions of people who have had Lasik and they will tell you the same thing: I’ve got my life back. They can do what they want to do. When they want to do it. All the time.

Life is too short to waste minutes and hours on repetitive non-productive tasks. Lasik was designed by people who hate to waste time as much as you do.

After Lasik, wake up. Strap on your jogging shoes. Plug in the music player and hit the bricks. You’re ready for anything. Clear, natural vision for that unencumbered, productive, and creative life you’ve always dreamed of; time-tested and proven. Get Lasik and get your life back.

9. Awesome vision out of the box.

Amazing vision, personalized care, leading-edge technology, unparalleled surgical experience, awesome right out of the box; what more can you be looking for?

Each year, the thousands of patients who undergo Bladeless Wavefront-guided Lasik at Will Vision and Laser Centers are blown away by the nearly unbelievable transformation in their vision. Every day we hear the rave reviews from patients who exclaim adjectives like “miracle,” “amazing,” “best vision of my life,” “awesome,” and “why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Contrary to what mom adamantly claimed, at Will Vision, we believe that immediate gratification can be a good thing.

Join the thousands of people who have already experienced first-hand the thrill that only clear natural vision can deliver. Come to visit us today and See the Difference.

10. You don’t need a Rich Uncle.

Laser vision correction actually only sounds expensive. With our easy 0% financing plans and low payments, almost anyone can qualify for Lasik at Will Vision and Laser Centers.

With nothing down and zero interest financing all you need is a desire to experience all that world-class laser vision correction can offer. Enjoy freedom from glasses and contact lenses today.

Qualifying for financing is as easy as picking up the telephone or, if you prefer, you can visit our secure website and obtain approval in minutes.

Don’t let the fear of the cost of Lasik prevent you from realizing your dreams. Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation to see whether you are a candidate and leave the financing worries to us.

In fact, over time, Lasik will pay for itself just in the savings you’ll enjoy in not having to buy glasses and other visual crutches. The cost for contact lenses, solution and glasses can really add up. Over a lifetime, an average contact lens wearer will spend more than $10,000 on hardware and eye supplies. Comparatively, Lasik is actually less expensive than the alternatives.

Think of Lasik as an investment in yourself. Quality of life is important. That’s why you invest in eating wholesome foods, creating a healthy home atmosphere, and enjoying a revitalizing session at the local health spa. Enjoying normal, natural clear vision is an important ingredient in the process of making you a healthy person.

Millions of people consider Lasik the best investment they ever made in themselves. For success in life for the long term, invest in yourself and reward your achievements. Equip yourself with the tools you really need – education, experience and a new vision that will propel you towards achieving your dreams.

11. Do amazing fun stuff.

Imagine a life where you wake up in the morning with clear, natural vision. Go snow skiing, golfing, water-skiing, hunting, fishing, mountain climbing without the hassle or worry over losing a contact lens or your glasses at the least opportune moment. Why be a captive of yesterday’s vision correction technology when you can experience freedom from the baggage of contact lenses, messy solutions, contact cases and the bother of glasses? Transform your life and self-image and set yourself free to enjoy an amazing panorama of clear natural vision every waking moment of every day.

If you’ve ever wanted to attain your personal best vision you’ve definitely come to the right place. To Will Vision and Laser Centers to be exact. Sure, you can find lots of centers that claim to provide quality surgery but when you really examine what they provide they simply do not offer the Will Vision Advantage: Experience, Education, Technology and a Passion for Excellence. No other center in the Pacific Northwest offers the constellation of leading-edge technologies, academic achievement, world-class experience and individualized care that is found at Will Vision.

We make attaining your real goals for a life without glasses simple. We believe that you should be planning your next sea-kayaking trip, mountain trek, fly fishing expedition, rainforest adventure and wilderness safari not wading through a menu of surgical options and hoping you are choosing the best package. At Will Vision, we only offer the best because you deserve only the best and you want only the best.

And therein lays the problem. You can purchase Lasik at lots of generic centers that have various pricing tiers for good, better and best surgical options, leaving you the customer to decide what kind of vision you want for the rest of your life. No right thinking person truly wants to risk their eyes to outdated and risky technology, just to save a buck. An uncompromising commitment to quality and exceptional outcomes – that’s the difference between Will Vision and all the great pretenders out there. We do the work of figuring out the absolute best technology to use for your individual needs so that you can live a life where you can do practically anything you can imagine free from artificial vision aids.

At Will Vision, tens of thousands of people just like you have undergone Lasik using the latest technology, delivered by the most experienced surgeon while under the meticulous care of our truly amazing world-class surgical team. At Will Vision, we don’t want people to need to decide between good, better or best options. Our team of trained professionals already delivers the best surgical plan for every person. No other center in the region can do that because they simply don’t have the necessary tools, depth of experience or even the desire to deliver that endpoint.

As a result, patients from Will Vision and Laser Centers are carving powder on Mount Bachelor or kiteboarding on the Columbia with clear natural vision, enjoying life rather than pondering the unsettling questions of whether they should have their surgeon use a bladed microkeratome, a femtosecond laser, a wavefront-guided, wavefront-optimized, or traditional photoablation and agonizing over tiered enhancement packages or whether they need the aggravation of punctual plugs.

So forget the fine print. With laser vision correction at Will Vision, fun is not sold separately. Amazing fun stuff without all the hassles – that’s the Will Vision Advantage.

12. Jump tall buildings in a single bound, save your family in crisis.

Your house is on fire, kids are in the other room and there are only minutes to get out. This is not the time to be fumbling around looking for your glasses or, worse yet, feeling your way down the hallway because you don’t have your contact lenses.

Every day scary, random events happen to real people just like you and me. No one can be completely prepared for what life can throw your way, but the ability to respond quickly with all the resources and abilities you have can sometimes be the difference between success and failure.

Life happens – it’s unpredictable. Auto accidents, earthquakes, tsunamis or whatever can happen in an instant; laser vision correction provides you with great clear natural vision – vision that can save your life or the lives of your loved ones in an emergency.

13. Change your self-image and turn some heads.

James Bond, Superman, Jason Bourne, Hans Solo – classic Hollywood images of suave, sexy action heroes. But have you ever noticed how the action stars in those movies typically aren’t wearing glasses? Hard to leap off a bridge to a speeding train, flee from the bad guy in a high-speed motorcycle chase and then kiss the pretty girl/guy with your half broken spectacles plastered with dirt, rain, and assorted yuck.

Bottom line – glasses don’t seem to really create the glamorous image that Hollywood wants to portray. Fast cars, sharp clothes, trendy sunglasses, and a steady composure when the building you’re in is about to blow apart in three seconds goes a long way towards creating the next blockbuster. Glasses – not so much.

Maybe you don’t have aspirations of being a movie star but you can still crank up your self-image, show off your naturally sculpted facial features, dazzle your friends with the twinkle in your eyes and wink at your soul mate without popping out a contact lens.

Look like the successful person that you actually are. Give yourself a lift and turn some heads – you deserve it. Prioritize your life today and make how you look and feel front and center in your life.

14. You Can’t Screw it Up

Most patients about to have laser eye surgery are concerned that any inadvertent eye movement on their part will result in a suboptimal result. That might be true with some laser systems used at generic laser centers but not at Will Vision.

Our VISX Star S4 IR laser is the only system in the world capable of tracking the eye in three dimensions; the only system that corrects for intraoperative movement of the center of the pupil and; the only system that compensates for intraoperative rotational movement of the eye.

3-D Eye Tracking

Our eyes are built for speed and the ability to move in virtually any direction in an instant. Those features are great for surviving and thriving in a fast-paced or even chaotic world. However, during laser eye surgery, not so much.

That is why at Will Vision and Laser Centers, we use only the most advanced 3D eye tracking system available anywhere in the world, capable of compensating for virtually all eye movements. Each laser pulse in your surgery plan is delivered accurately to the correct spot on your eyes. The results are truly amazing and no other laser platform available in the world can provide that level of accuracy except the VISX Star S4IR available at Will Vision and Laser Centers.

Tracks Eye Rotation

The human eye is constantly exhibiting very rapid darting movements at speeds capable of spinning the eye around in its socket twice in one second. The eyes can also cyclorotate, turning like the hands on a clock. Delivering even the best-laid laser vision correction plan, under those circumstances, is a daunting challenge.

So how do we compensate for eye rotation? Iris recognition technology. Preoperatively the diagnostic system captures a detailed image of your iris – the colored part of the eye. The treatment is then aligned or registered to the iris. During treatment, the laser matches up the features of your iris to the master plan and then delivers that laser plan with pinpoint accuracy.

3-D Eye Tracking and Cyclotorsion Compensation is Not Optional

Seems rather intuitive, doesn’t it? However, as many other generic laser centers they don’t use iris registration technology and, as a result, even the most perfect of plans can go awry if your eye cyclorotates or moves during the actual procedure.

Having laser eye surgery may be the stuff of your dreams, but it shouldn’t keep you up at night. Precise eye measurements, the correct surgical plan and pinpoint iris registration for delivery of the treatment accurately and precisely are all critical to success. That’s why at Will Vision we believe that better technology leads to better results and better vision. Anything less is just unacceptable.

So get started. Give us a call and See the Difference.

15. Imaging Technology that can see into the next dimension

Entering into the unknown is pretty compelling entertainment if you’re watching an episode of Stranger Things. Entering into the unknown during a surgical procedure – a nightmare experienced in 3D and in real time.

The old adage “measure twice – cut once” works in Lasik as well as it does in carpentry. That’s why at Will Vision and Laser Centers we don’t take anything for granted and leave no stone unturned with respect to measuring and re-measuring your eyes. That’s why we invest tens of thousands of dollars in the most advanced imaging technology available in the world.

We are the only center in the Pacific Northwest to use the iDesign wavefront system – 25 times more precise than glasses or contact lenses and 5 times more accurate than all other wavefront systems in the world. We measure your eye to hundred’s of diopters and we detect and treat distortions in your vision that cannot be detected with any other measurement device, to say nothing of our ability to treat the same. It is without a doubt the most accurate method of measuring human vision ever built.

Before we begin the process of changing your cornea’s shape, we need to know what shape your cornea is in. We are one of only a select few centers worldwide that use the advanced Pentacam HR technology – designed by master German engineers it is the most precise imaging device ever assembled anywhere in the world. It employs a high resolution scanning Scheimpflug camera combined with 3-D imaging of the anterior structures of the eye for exquisite images and shape data.

Don’t be fooled by old-school Placido based topographers or Orbscan images used at alternative generic Lasik centers that paint pretty pictures from the color printer while only providing limited and inaccurate data. No other center in the Pacific Northwest has the spectrum of sophisticated imaging technology found at Will Vision and Laser Centers.

Will Vision and Laser Centers introduced the first Optical Coherence Tomographer (OCT) to NW Oregon and SW Washington. Using scanning infrared light we can view the minute structures of your eye, much like an X-ray, but with incredible resolution at the micron level. For any Lasik center that takes patient safety seriously, this is a must-have technology.

If you want professional grade state-of-the-art technology operated by some of the most experienced technical staff in the world, then you need to come to Will Vision and Laser Centers. At Will Vision and Laser Centers, we take your vision seriously.

16. Location, Location, Location, that’s Convenience.

Kids to soccer practice, running to the store, picking up the dog from the groomer – feels like you’re living out of your car. The last thing you need is to drive across town or even another state for laser vision correction.

Will Vision and Laser Centers have three convenient locations in Portland, Vancouver, and Salem all within a couple of minutes from the freeway. We know you have more to do with your day than to come to visit the doctor, so we want you to be able to get in and out of our offices easily and quickly.

No other Lasik provider in Washington or Oregon has more locations in the Portland metroplex than Will Vision and Laser Centers. Don’t waste gasoline and precious time sitting in traffic while driving to a generic Lasik center. Check out our convenient locations near you and schedule your complimentary consultation today.

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