Why Custom IntraLASIK

In order to correct your vision during LASIK, an excimer laser is used to reshape the front surface of your cornea. The leading edge technology that is enhancing our ability to perform that reshaping process more accurately than ever before is called Custom Wavefront guided LASIK. We’d like to explain why Wavefront guidance is such an exciting advance over previous methods.

You’re familiar with the high quality of TV images obtainable using High Definition technology compared to standard TV systems.The program content is the same but the image clarity is worlds apart.That’s the type of difference that we can observe with Wavefront guidance compared to conventional LASIK surgery.

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In the past, the laser was only capable of creating shapes on the cornea that were symmetrical, like farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism.These are the aberrations that are typically corrected by wearing glasses.However, once you factor out these simple optical distortions, there remain additional complex shapes in the optical system that keep your eyes from seeing perfectly.These complexities are called higher order aberrations, and include such things as: coma, trefoil, tetrafoil, and spherical aberration to name just a few.These higher order aberrations, if not corrected during your LASIK procedure, can still leave you with imperfect optics and occasionally glare or halo side effects.

These higher order aberrations are completely unique to your particular optical system and can now be precisely measured using a wavefront measuring device that creates an optical”fingerprint” of your visual system.This wavefront analyzer is considered to be nearly 100 times more accurate than measuring your vision with lenses, as has been the standard in the past.

Most importantly, this wavefront data can be sent to the excimer laser to create an extremely complex and accurate wavefront-guided treatment, effectively correcting ALL of the aberrations that are present in your visual system.This high-resolution, 3-D, custom wavefront treatment allows us to provide you with your optimal best personal vision that often exceeds that of glasses, contacts, and older Lasik surgery.Wavefront guidance also provides a higher quality of vision, consistently superior night vision, and measurably reduces the chance for needing a laser enhancement compared to older conventional non-Wavefront guided treatments.By analogy, it is like comparing high definition TV to standard TV – Wavefront guidance delivers superior clarity and superior quality.

Why would any patient knowingly choose to have a non-Wavefront guided treatment when Wavefront is scientifically proven to be superior?Or, Why would a surgeon even offer a procedure that they know is inferior, less precise and has more side effects?Those are questions you might just want to ask other laser centers when you are weighing their medical ethics and professionalism.

At Will Vision, by using the combination of IntraLase and wavefront customization, we only offer the best, safest, and most accurate advanced technology for your optimal visual outcome.Customized Wavefront guided Intralase — Why settle for anything less?

You also need to know that all Wavefront Guided procedures are not created equal.The ability to measure and deliver wavefront guided excimer laser treatments accurately is complicated.Not all laser manufacturers are able to deliver the best wavefront technology.The following table details those critical differences.


WaveLight Allegretto

Bausch and Lomb

Nidek EC 5000

Customized Wavefront Treatments

Yes – Widest FDA approval of any laser system worldwide

Limited. Manufacturer recommends against using their Tscherning Wavefront system because it is not accurate



Wavefront Resolution

Fourier algorithm offers highest resolution of wavefront error

Zernike algorithm interpolates and smoothes data artificially

Zernike algorithm interpolates and smoothes data artificially

Zernike algorithm interpolates and smoothes data artificially

Active 3-D Eye Tracking


No – 2-D only

No – 2-D only

No – 2-D only

Iris Registration

Yes – Centers and aligns treatment independent of pupil center migration and eye cyclorotation

No – Manual marking only – less accurate and subjective

No – Manual marking only – less accurate and subjective

No – Manual marking only – less accurate and subjective

Compensates for pupil migration during physiologic pupil dilation

Yes – centers and aligns treatment independent of pupil migration




When it comes to wavefront guided technology, VISX Star S4 IR is superior to any other technology. Because it uses a very high definition Hartmann-Shack system with hundreds of individual lenslets combined with Fourier algorithms to define even the most minute wavefront distortions, it is significantly more precise and more accurate than every other wavefront system in the world, including the WaveLigtht Allegretto from Alcon.

In contrast to VISX, Alcon actually suggests to their users that they avoid using their own Tscherning’s aberrometer because it has very limited accuracy and dynamic range. For the vast majority of its treatments the Alcon WaveLight Allegretto typically does not even use customized wavefront guided technology, choosing to rely on a treatment known as wavefront optimized. This “wavefront optimized” terminology is highly confusing for patients because it implies that these treatments are based on actual wavefront testing. However, it should be noted that an Alcon wavefront optimized treatment is never based on any wavefront diagnostic measurement from the patient’s eye. With the WaveLight system and its wavefront optimized treatments, actual wavefront tests are simply not performed. Patients are treated using the same spherocylindrical measurements generated by a subjection refraction of the patient using conventional glass lenses which is the identical measurement method used for traditional non-wavefront treatments.

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Patients who want the best visual result from Lasik have only one choice that delivers true wavefront guided treatments. That system is the VISX Star S4 IR. Contact us today and See the Difference!

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