What Are Alternatives to Reading Glasses

Learning that you need reading glasses may be a shock, especially if you’ve spent most of your life with excellent eyesight.

It may be a sign we’re not as young as we once were, yet some myths go hand in hand with needing readers once we turn 40. So naturally, we look for alternatives to the frustrations that wearing glasses bring. We look for a magic bullet to regain our youthful vision without taking the plunge to see an ophthalmologist.

Unfortunately, like other body parts, our eyes become less flexible with age. As a result, the proteins and the natural eyelids become stiffer (Presbyopia), making our eyes work harder to accommodate this stiffness. This effort may cause headaches when we rapidly look from near to far. Moving objects, like reading material, further away can temporarily improve our focus and increase ambient light to create more contrast. However, seeing things near or at a normal range eventually becomes less possible despite these behaviors.

Presbyopia worsens as we age, and our lens becomes less flexible, leading to the need for stronger readers. You can go quickly from needing glasses for the fine print to needing them throughout the day for any task within your arm’s length. Fortunately, there are methods of treating this condition.

Treating Presbyopia Near Portland

Will Vision and Laser Centers are one of a few eye clinics in the United States selected to insert KAMRA® corneal inlay, a revolutionary technology to restore your ability to see objects nearby. However, because presbyopia affects the dynamic range of focus in aging eyes, solutions are not as simple as being corrected with lasers.

KAMRA® vs. Readers

Reading glasses can be purchased with no prescription at many retail outlets for those who do not need distance correction. Unfortunately, although they are inexpensive, reading glasses are ineffective in stopping presbyopia progression. As a result, you will need progressively stronger reading glasses as you age.

When you wear readers, your distance vision becomes blurred. Therefore, you must remove your glasses to see something in the distance or wear them low on your nose to look over them.

If you are farsighted, nearsighted, or astigmatic, you may need special bifocal glasses that include progressive-style lenses that provide vision from near-to-far. Although convenient, progressive lenses are expensive and interfere with depth perception and active lifestyles.

KAMRA® for Presbyopia

The KAMRA® corneal inlay offers a novel solution for presbyopia, restoring your everyday vision without reading glasses or contact lenses. In addition, this inlay is a permanent solution that allows you to enjoy a clear vision for many years. As a result, your vision will be clearer for near objects and those at a distance for the foreseeable future.

If you are frustrated by your inability to focus on a text message or e-mail or read a menu at a restaurant, the karma inlay provides a fantastic life-changing solution.

Call or visit Will Vision and Laser Centers to learn more about treating Presbyopia. We look forward to helping you ditch your reading glasses and enjoy a better quality of life!