Wavefront Guided Bladeless LASIK

Young CoupleWhat kind of a Lasik procedure are you looking for? If you’re looking for a low cost, average quality Lasik procedure, on an out-dated laser, at a generic corporate center, from a no-name surgeon who has never seen you before, who flew into town the night before – then you have come to the wrong place.

We only offer the “Best-of-the-Best” Lasik technology – Bladeless Wavefront Guided Lasik; personalized care by one of the most trusted surgeons in the world; a center that has received industry accolades as a Center of Excellence for Johnson and Johnson Vision, a Center of Excellence for Carl Zeiss, a Center of Excellence for AcuFocus and; the only surgeon in the Pacific Northwest elected to Best Doctors in America and; the only center in the Pacific Northwest with the level of expertise needed to participate in an FDA trial and; a team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience whose only goal is to ensure your personal best vision.

Wavefront Guided – iDesign – Superior Vision

The development of wavefront technology has been central to driving recent improvements in the quality of vision delivered by laser vision correction over glasses and contact lenses. This technology creates the opportunity to enjoy a level of vision after Lasik that is superior to that of glasses or contact lenses. Its advantages include the fact that it is:

• 25 X more precise than glasses or contact lenses
• 5 X more accurate than wavefront analyzers used by all competing Lasik providers
• Eliminates subjectivity in vision measurements

The iDesign system from AMO-VISX defines the forefront of these advances. First, it measures complex errors in focusing not correctable with glasses and contact lenses. In addition, it is 25 X more precise than glasses and contacts; it is 5 X more accurate than all previous generations of wavefront aberrometers found at all competing centers; its measurement method is 100% objective and; it measures sources of blurred vision not correctible with glasses or contacts. The combination of these advantages provides patients at Will Vision with the expectation of truly amazing vision quality following your wavefront guided Lasik procedure.

smiling womanBladeless Lasik – Today’s Lasik Gold Standard

Will Vision and Laser Centers introduced “Bladeless Lasik”, alternatively known as “All laser Lasik”, to the Pacific Northwest in 2002. Today the “Bladeless Lasik” method of performing laser vision correction is recognized world-wide as the most advanced and safest method of performing Lasik surgery.

With the “Bladeless Lasik” method, only laser energy is used for the entire Lasik procedure. In contrast, with older traditional Lasik, the first step of the procedure is performed using a steel bladed microkeratome that slices the eye’s surface.

Leading Edge Lasers Provides Better Healing

The VisuMax® and iFS® femtosecond lasers used at Will Vision are the most advanced lasers in the world. Generating up to 500,000 pulses per second they are nearly 10 times faster and use nearly 10 times less energy than the comparable lasers used at competing centers. The reduced energy markedly decreases injury to the delicate nerves and living cells in the cornea which results in improved healing and significantly less postoperative dry eye compared to alternative systems.

US Military Only Uses Bladeless Wavefront Guided Lasik

Don’t just take our word for it. The US military exclusively treats it aviators and war fighters with Bladeless Wavefront Guided Lasik – the identical technology used at Will Vision. The US military consider this method indispensable for enhancing the sight of personnel involved in the performance of critical military operations. It is also the technology used by NASA to treat astronauts / scientists / engineers that are traveling to the weightless environment in the International Space Station.


World Wide Acceptance

Today, more than 2,000 surgeons worldwide have incorporated the “Bladeless Lasik” method into their Lasik practices. In fact, all of the top U.S. ophthalmic teaching institutes use the “Bladeless Lasik” laser technology to train future generations of Lasik surgeons.

Safest Technique with Better Visual Results

Beyond improving the safety of the procedure, Lasik using the advanced “Bladeless Lasik” method has been shown clinically to deliver better visual outcomes in both standard and Custom Lasik procedures with more patients achieving visual acuity of 20/20, 20/15 and even 20/12.5. These remarkable results are the product of the optimized corneal surface prepared by the femtosecond laser in creating the corneal flap. The precision of the laser creates the smoothest corneal bed thereby providing the ideal surface for the vision correction performed by the excimer laser in the second step of the Lasik procedure.


You have only one set of eyes. You can safely buy your groceries at Wal-Mart; your car; razor blades and; computer from an online discounter. But please don’t compromise on your vision. Best-of-the-best technology – Bladeless Wavefront Guided Lasik – using state-of-the-art laser systems. There is only one destination in the Pacific Northwest that provides this commitment to excellence. Take advantage of our unparalleled technology, our industry accolades, our passion for your personal vision perfection and our relentless pursuit of surgical perfection. Visit us today and See the Difference.

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