Pete Carlson

Dear Dr. Will and staff,

I know that you must receive many letters of thanks for miracles you perform routinely, every day restoring patients vision. Nevertheless I must tell you how grateful I am for the operation that has improved much of my life only after one week.

I could list all of the activities that vision without glasses has enhanced but it is more important to tell you how much I the personal professional care you gave me before and after the surgery. I especially want thank Marie, Megan, and Dr. Brittain for giving me confidence before I was placed in Dr Wills extraordinary competent hands. My operation was completely without pain and the week since without even discomfort as I adjust to a quality of life I never dreamed possible while wearing glasses for more than 45 years. My hope is that thousands of persons like me will find their way to your wonderfully efficient clinic.

Gratefully yours,

—Pete Carlson