Carly J. Brynelson West Linn High School

Dr. Will, Carlene, Vanessa, Joe, and the technicians,

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your having me as a guest in your office. I was extremely impressed with everything – the office, the equipment, the surgery itself, but particularly, your teamwork. You obviously have a lot of respect and congeniality towards each other, which I believe is what makes any business or establishment run as smoothly as possible.

After witnessing the care and compassion you consistently give your patients, Im quite certain that if I ever need corrective surgery ,which is not unlikely, I wont have to think twice before calling your office. From this experience, I have gathered that a career as an opthamologist would suit me very well, and perhaps down the road, you will see me in scrubs helping those baby boomers to ditch their glasses.

Thank you again for your hospitality, and for offering me an intense learning opportunity. I hope you all have happy holidays!

With Thanks,

—Carly J. Brynelson West Linn High School