Pentacam HR

A prerequisite to performing safe and precise laser refractive surgery is the ability to accurately measure the shape, thickness and contour of the cornea. Will Vision & Laser Centers continues to lead the way by introducing state-of-the-art micro-imaging technology to the Pacific Northwest in the form of the Pentacam HR. As the regional leader in laser vision correction, Will Vision is one of the few centers in SW Washington and Oregon that provide patients with the advantages of the advanced Pentacam HR system.

Why Pentacam HR is Superior

The Pentacam HR images the anterior segment of the eye using a specialized high resolution rotating camera that provides pictures in three dimensions. The rotating camera system is able to precisely measure the center of the cornea, which is most critical for refractive surgery planning and delivering great vision postoperatively. Using 3-D image stitching technology the Pentacam HR provides a complete 3-D image of the entire anterior portion of the eye delivering 25,000 true elevation points precisely and reproducibly.

Corneal Topographic Analysis

Topography involves making a map that describes the elevations and depressions on both the front and back surfaces of the cornea similar to the way that a topographic map illustrates the mountains and valleys on a geographic terrain. The Pentacam HR provides the most accurate elevation measurements in the industry.

Corneal Thickness or Pachymetry

Because most refractive surgery alters the overall strength of the cornea it is critical that we know the pre-surgical thickness of the cornea very accurately. With its 25,000 data points, the Pentacam HR provides the most accurate corneal thickness measurements in the world.

Comparison Screens

The Pentacam HR provides the surgeon with accurate comparison maps allowing them to quantify changes in corneal shape induced by contact lens wear or the prior effects of refractive surgery. With the Pentacam HR it is possible to measure changes in both the front and back surface of the cornea thereby providing the most information possible about the health of the eye prior to surgery.

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