Zeiss VisuMax® Femtosecond Laser

The Zeiss VisuMax® laser is, quite simply, the most brilliant advance in vision-correcting laser technology to come along in decades. It radically revolutionizes the ability to safely and accurately perform laser vision correction surgery.  Will Vision is pleased to announce that it is the first in the Pacific Northwest to provide our patients with access to this ground breaking technology.

Accelerating the ‘Pulse Rate’ in Refractive Surgery

The VisuMax® laser from Carl Zeiss is re-shaping the world of refractive surgery.  This revolutionary laser system employs high-performance femtosecond laser technology and is characterized by its outstanding cutting precision, unsurpassed speed and gentle treatment technique. It has the fastest “pulse rate” and lowest energy profile of any femtosecond laser in the world.

The VisuMax is the ideal platform for leading edge corneal procedures including:

  • Bladeless Lasik – the gold standard for advanced laser vision correction surgery and
  • ReLEx SMILE – a revolutionary minimally invasive laser vision correction


With its breakthrough design and engineering innovations, the VisuMax® laser provides Will Vision with the ability to perform the latest advance in laser vision surgery known as ReLEx, an acryonym that stands for Refractive Lenticule Extraction often referred to as SMILE which stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction.  SMILE, a minimally-invasive corneal refractive procedure, can only be performed on the ZEISS VisuMax® femtosecond laser.  SMILE is has been available in the US since September 2016 when it received FDA approval and is currently available in approximately 500 clinics in 61 countries around the world.  More than a half a million SMILE procedures have been performed internationally since its introduction in 2011 with extensive study results demonstrating high levels of safety and effectiveness.

Will Vision is the first in the Pacific Northwest to perform the ReLEX® or SMILE® procedure.

Bladeless Lasik

The VisuMax® is an ideal platform for creating the delicate flap used in the first step of Lasik.  The VisuMax® has several advantages over previous femtosecond laser systems.  First, because it uses a curved applanation cone, it requires significantly less vacuum pressure which results in much less patient discomfort during Lasik surgery.  As a result, many patients remark – “I didn’t feel anything” during Lasik flap creation.

Why is VisuMax the Best Laser in its Class?

There are several features of the VisuMax® laser that place it Best in Class in femtosecond lasers worldwide. Specifically the VisuMax® provides the following advantages over competing femtosecond laser systems.

• The VisuMax® demonstrates 2 X greater precision than any other femtoseond laser. Positional accuracy is within 3 microns rather than > 6 microns which is the standard with other, older femtolaser systems used for human eye surgery

• The VisuMax® employs the lowest laser energy in the industry. For SMILE, the laser energy or “fluence” is set at the lowest level needed to disrupt the corneal tissue and cut a lenticule or lens. Less energy markedly reduces damage to the surrounding nerves and corneal cell structure. These factors enhance healing and dramatically reduce the incidence of dry eye following Lasik

• The VisuMax® uses a patented curved applanation cone that contacts the eye and closely matches the curvature of the eye during the procedure. This curved configuration allows for the use of much lower vacuum pressures intraoperatively which results in much greater patient comfort

• Because the VisuMax® uses only minimal vacuum pressure, the patient is able to easily view the target or fixation diode during the procedure thereby markedly improving the accuracy and centration of Lasik flaps and the SMILE procedure itself.

• The method of aiming the infrared laser beam is highly accurate in the VisuMax® delivery system. Rather than using mechanical methods to control laser beam position as with older laser systems, with the VisuMax® the laser beam steering system relies upon significantly more precise opto-electronics. As a result, the VisuMax® laser’s greater positional accuracy puts VisuMax in a class by itself. No other femtosecond laser in the world is capable of the spatial accuracy needed to perform ReLeX SMILE.

So why are you looking at generic laser centers with technology from the previous decade passed off as state-of-the art? VisuMax®, ReLEX®, SMILE® and Will Vision – leading the way in the Pacific Northwest with the most advanced technology in the world.

Best Technology, Better Results, Better Vision.

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