Our Technology

Patient-First Paradigm

At Will Vision our “patient-first paradigm” is driven by an unwavering commitment to delivering only the best clinical practices and the best-of-the-best vision correction technology. We partner with our patients to achieve their personal best vision and we will accept nothing less than your 100% satisfaction with your vision and your experience.

Best Technology, Best Results, Best Vision

It’s a pretty simple formula. Using only the most advanced technology available ensures that we deliver surgical outcomes that are completely superior to the vision results and safety metrics delivered by either glasses or contact lenses.

With this formula we have pioneered every leading technology currently used in the Pacific Northwest including Bladeless Lasik and continue to raise the bar by adding leading edge technologies such as; the iDesign – the world’s most accurate wavefront analyzer; the intra-stromal ILEX procedure now making laser vision correction better and safer than ever; advanced corneal inlays like KAMRA® that allow our older patients to read without reading glasses and; the worlds most advanced infrared lasers to markedly reduce the risk for postoperative dry eye and; the highest resolution tomography testing of German design to ensure that only excellent candidates are selected for surgery.

The Future's Right Before Your Eyes!

If you’re ready to take the next step in your journey to better vision, contact Will Vision & Laser Centers today. We’re excited to welcome you into our practice and for you to “See the Difference.”

Our Technology Algorithm – Use the Best and Only the Best

Selecting the right technology for laser eye surgery is rather simple – we only use the best technology based on peer reviewed data and, if it isn’t the best, then we simply don’t use it.

We invest all of our energy and resources into our patient-first paradigm. With our patients as our first priority, we are not focused on maximizing center profitability as found at other providers. As a result, no other center in the Pacific Northwest can match the array of leading edge technology that we offer.