Our Extraordinary Staff

Brian R. Will, MD – Surgical Director, Will Vision and Laser Centers

Like many Pacific North westerners, Dr. Will loves sea kayaking the wild Pacific coast, hiking the rugged Cascadia mountain range, watching the awe-inspiring pounding of waves in the Pacific surf and recording that rare bird during the Malheur spring migration. But his real passion is seeing the joy his patients experience first-hand following refractive surgery when they discover the amazing gift of clear natural vision without the burden of glasses or contact lenses.

Dr. Will is obsessed with the goal of ensuring that every patient attains their personal best vision – and that vision should be measurably better than their best vision with their best glasses or contact lenses. Dr. Will’s commitment demands that we strike a vision partnership with our patients; it demands that we acquire only the most advanced vision technologies in the world; and it demands that each patient attain their personal best vision. Dr. Will’s patient-first passion doesn’t just drive us; it propels us towards that goal of creating a lifetime of amazing clear vision for every patient – it is our purpose for being.

Dr. Will is a recognized world authority in the field of refractive surgery having lectured and taught courses on advanced surgical techniques at every major scientific meeting on laser vision correction in the US and abroad. He has successfully performed tens of thousands of laser vision correction procedures.

In recognition of his significant contributions to the science and industry, Will Vision and Laser Centers is a designated Center of Excellence for Johnson and Johnson Vision – the world leader in wavefront aberrometry and manufacturer of the iDesign system – the most accurate refracting system every built, as well as the iFS femtosecond laser and the VISX Star S4IR laser systems, all widely considered as the most advanced vision technologies in the world; a Center of Excellence for AcuFocus – the world’s premier corneal inlay company and; a Center of Excellence for Carl Zeiss – the manufacturer of the VisuMax laser – the only laser system in the world sufficiently advanced to perform intracorneal surgery. He currently serves on the Editorial Board for Ophthalmology Management and served on the Board of Directors for the American College of Eye Surgery.

He is Adjunct Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at the Loma Linda University School of Medicine and is Adjunct Clinical Professor at Pacific University in Oregon and has personally trained more refractive surgeons and has performed more Wavefront guided Intralase (“Bladeless Lasik”) procedures than any other refractive surgeon in the Pacific Northwest. He is a respected author and has published more chapters on IntraLasik (“Bladeless Lasik”) surgical technique in leading ophthalmic textbooks than any other single surgeon in the world.

Dr. Will is the only refractive surgeon in the Pacific Northwest elected to Best Doctors in America. He received his MD degree from Loma Linda University Medical Center in California and was selected as Chief Resident at The Eye Institute in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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Carlene – Patient Relations Specialist and Executive Vice President

If you visit Will Vision and Laser Centers you likely will not miss meeting with Carlene. Her sparkling and engaging personality even overshadows the eye catching sparkles in her hair. Without doubt, her greatest love is to interact with the many happy patients that we see at Will Vision and Laser Centers.

In addition to her role as Patient Relations Specialist, Carlene is involved with most major decisions that affect the company. She is highly experienced having worked in the ophthalmic field for over 25 years and has been senior management at Will Vision and Laser Centers for over 16 years. She has been a member of the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators for over 15 years. She is also responsible for coordinating the visits of the many surgical teams that travel to Will Vision from around the US and the globe to learn from Dr. Will.

When not chatting with patients, her primary responsibilities include directing Will Vision’s various marketing campaigns in print, radio, television and electronic media. In addition, she is involved in human relations, center staffing, purchasing and professional relations. Despite her critical management tasks, Carlene’s truly loves to share that special moment with you when you return on the first day postoperatively nearly walking on air with your new found clear vision.

Her hobbies include crocheting, tatting and spoiling her new grandchildren.

Heather – Patient Counselor, Surgical and Clinical Specialist

Heather is team leader for our Patient Counselors and as a result, she is involved in a number of different roles at Will Vision and Laser Centers. She has a passion for personally interfacing with our patients, new and old, so during critical clinic times you will frequently find Heather talking with patients at our reception desk. Her role is to facilitate arranging times for surgery and office visits that are accommodating for your schedule as well as providing practical guidance for each step of your journey toward clear vision.

On surgical days, you will meet Heather on our surgical team going through the initial preparatory stage including providing you with a mild sedative and pain reliever as well as instilling our pre-surgical eye drop regime. Heather is an awesome surgical assistant for Dr. Will allowing him to make your surgery a true work of art. She will also keep you and your family informed of all of the steps that you will experience during your surgical visit to ensure that there are no surprises.

Heather’s background in marketing is an asset in that she also manages the patient counselor team which includes ensuring that our telephone support processes are state-of-the-art. To accomplish that role, you may also find Heather on the telephone helping answer questions and assisting with booking surgeries and appointments.

When not at Will Vision, Heather is busy running her two beautiful young children to school and sports practice events. For relaxation, Heather prefers a day at the beach or lounging beside the pool at a world class hotel in sunny Las Vegas.

Jennifer – Surgical and Clinical Specialist

Jennifer loves helping people achieve their goal of clear vision without glasses or contact lenses and that genuine enthusiasm naturally flows over to her patient care. She has worked at Will Vision and Laser Centers for over 15 years and has mastered every aspect of patient care.

She is team leader for both the surgical and medical office technicians. Her tasks include being responsible for the smooth operation of our lasers and smooth operation of the clinics. She routinely checks the laser systems and quality of their optics to ensure optimal performance. She also interfaces directly with the laser manufacturer’s engineers for hardware and software updates and routine device maintenance.

As surgical specialist she is also responsible for assisting Dr. Will with your surgical procedure as well as maintaining the specialized surgical instruments and supplies required for advanced laser vision correction procedures. In addition, she is highly skilled at performing all clinical testing including operation of our advanced point spread function refraction system, the Pentacam HR™ corneal tomographer and advanced iDesign Wavefront diagnostic devices.

During your visits at Will Vision and Laser Centers you will definitely come to appreciate Jennifer’s technical skills and her personalized patient care. Jennifer’s hobbies including beach combing at the family cabin and encouraging her daughters to excel in competitive swimming.

Kristina – Surgical and Clinical Specialist

Kristina has been a clinical specialist with Will Vision nearly since its inception. Kristina exhibits a passion for helping people see their world through a newfound vision. She and her family also spend several years in Mexico as missionaries helping the people there discover a better life.

At Will Vision, Kristina is also a guiding light, helping our patients navigate the path from blurry to clear vision. She is an expert with all of our advanced diagnostic devices ranging from the advanced iDesign wavefront aberromety system, the Pentacam HR tomographer, the LipiView tear film analysis system and the AcuTarget diagnostic toolset needed for inserting advanced corneal inlays.

In her role as a surgical assistant, she is compassionate and caring and is dedicated to making your experience comfortable and fun. In her off work time, Kristina has four beautiful girls whose school activities keep Kristina more than busy.

Ginny – Surgical and Clinical Specialist

Ginny is a veteran in the field of laser vision correction and patient care having worked in health care for over 20 years. You will love to meet Ginny because she will not only provide excellent care but with her engaging personality, she will also quickly become a best friend.

Ginny works on both the surgical and clinical care teams and is team leader for our Salem office. Her tasks include being responsible for the smooth operation of our Salem laser systems and the coordination and operation of the Salem clinic. She also interfaces directly with the laser manufacturer’s engineers for system updates and device maintenance.

Ginny is also responsible for assisting Dr. Will with your surgical procedure as well as maintaining the specialized surgical instruments and supplies in our Salem center. She is highly skilled at performing all clinical testing including operation of our advanced LipiView and AcuTarget diagnostic equipment, the Pentacam HR™ corneal tomography system and advanced Wavefront diagnostic devices.

During your visits at Will Vision and Laser Centers you will no doubt come to enjoy Ginny’s inspiring and encouraging personality and her excellent clinical skills. Ginny’s hobbies include gardening in her perfectly manicured yard and watching the newest Hollywood blockbusters.

Anne – Patient Counselor

Anne is a highly experienced patient counselor. Patients find her positive attitude and cheerful voice a tremendous asset as they begin their personal journey to clear natural vision.

Anne’s engaging personality will place you at ease as she helps you to understand your personal vision objectives and craft a plan to successfully accomplish those goals. Every patient is unique with respect to their approach in embracing laser vision correction and Anne is a master at understanding your specific needs and providing the information you will need to chart your path forward. Most importantly, Anne will make certain that all of your questions or concerns are addressed ensuring that you are well prepared for your journey to amazing clear natural vision.

Heidi – Patient Counselor

Heidi’s approach to life is best defined as having a great attitude. Her positive approach towards life cannot help but spill over into her work with patients.

Heidi’s goal is to first understand your personal vision goals, find out just how much information you really want about the procedure and shape their dialogue to meet those specific needs. She will treat you like a friend or family member, taking as much time as is needed to make sure that all of your concerns are addressed.