Once you are confident in your decision, it is our experience that you will be a lot less fearful about that decision. We believe that information is empowering. Armed with the correct information we find that most patients can easily make the right decision regarding their options for laser vision correction. Once you have made your decision and given our clinical specialists a call, then it is our job to make the entire experience as positive and enjoyable as possible.

Lasik Self Evaluation Test

We have created a simple test that you can submit to our trained clinical specialists that can help us determine if Lasik is the right choice for you. Everyone’s vision needs are different and Lasik may be perfect for you or, perhaps you should consider other vision correction alternatives. Determining that starts with a first step. Please take a few seconds to complete the Lasik self-evaluation test and start the dialogue today.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Just because your best friend is raving about the results of his or her Lasik surgery doesn’t necessarily mean that Lasik in general or the type of Lasik procedure that your friend had is the best for you. Your eyes, your vision needs, your anatomy, your physiology and your expectations are likely not the same as your friend. Modern Lasik is not “one-size-fits-all” like a pair of socks. As a result, we need to drill down on each of these important facets to determine just how good a candidate you are for Lasik.

What is Lasik Eye Surgery?

Although there is a lot of buzz in the air about Lasik and commentary can be found everywhere from the Simpsons™ to Dr. Phil, you may not know much about Lasik and how it works to fix vision. Recognizing that you need basic information before you can digest the blizzard of information and dis-information in the media is a good thing. We have prepared a full discussion of precisely how Lasik eye surgery corrects vision just for you.

Wavefront CustomVue

After 25 years of research and development there is a lot of science involved in modern Lasik surgery. Quantum changes in the techniques or how Lasik is performed include such things as active eye tracking, the use of specialized infrared lasers operating with pulse widths in the femtosecond range to create the Lasik flap, the use of sophisticated wavefront aberrometry technology spun off from the field of astrophysics and the development of the Hubble telescope to improve measurement accuracy and the use of iris referencing to assure accurate point-to-point treatment applications have all dramatically improved the results that are obtained with Lasik surgery today.

We will break down each of these advances so that you can easily understand the amazing scientific advances that have propelled modern Lasik from a fringe procedure for early adopters to becoming the treatment of choice for the US military warfighter program involving Air Force and Navy pilots and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s program for astronauts.

Lasik FAQ

With all the information on our website it is difficult to imagine that we have left anything out. Just to be certain that we have attempted to answer all of your questions we have included are fairly basic FAQ page for details that didn’t quite fit the other subject lines.

Helpful Information on LASIK:

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