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One concern most patients have regarding laser vision correction is that they fear making a “mistake” when the doctor asks them “which lens is better – one or two”. That’s why at Will Vision and Laser Centers we use technology that eliminates this subjective testing but also provides us with measurements that are 25 times more precise than this old method using lenses.

The iDesign system from Johnson and Johnson Vision is 25 X more precise than glasses and contacts; its measurement method is 100% objective; it measures sources of blurred vision not correctible with glasses or contacts and; it is 5 X more accurate than all previous generations of wavefront aberrometers. The combination of these advantages provides patients at Will Vision with the expectation of excellent vision following a wavefront guided Lasik procedure.

25 X Greater Precision

Wavefront testing with the iDesign measures errors in focusing to one-hundredth (0.01) of a diopter (the unit of measurement used for measuring and manufacturing glasses and contact lenses). In contrast, the “better one-or-two” measurement process is only capable of measuring that same focusing error to within one-quarter (0.25) of a diopter. Clearly, the iDesign is 25 X more precise than the standard method of measuring eye focus error used by all competing Lasik laser manufacturers. Having used multiple similar devices over the years, we have found the iDesign system to be the most accurate refracting system ever built.

100% Objective versus Subjective Measurements

If the ability to measure errors in eye focus to a level 25 X more precise than glasses or contact lenses wasn’t enough, the iDesign system is 100% objective and completely eliminates the need for the patient to provide feedback on “which lens looks better – one or two”. Most people are frustrated with the latter measurement technique and you can imagine their sense of terror when they consider the possibility that ‘one wrong answer’ on their part could result in a measurement error becoming part of their laser vision correction plan. In contrast, the iDesign captures multiple measurements of the eye focusing error in less than 100th of a second without any subjective input whatsoever from the patient. As a result, patients can be confident that the measurement of their focusing error is both completely objective and highly precise.

iDesign 5X More Accurate than Any Other Wavefront Aberrometer

We are pleased to announce that Will Vision and Laser Centers is the only center in the Pacific Northwest using the advanced iDesign wavefront system. Sadly, all competing centers either use the older CustomVue device or do not use wavefront aberrometry at all.

Wavefront technology was first introduced into laser vision correction in 2003 with the CustomVue system which remains in use today at most laser centers. The iDesign technology was introduced in 2013 and it is 5 X more precise than the CustomVue system. In addition to increased precision, the iDesign is more robust and is capable of measuring more complex focusing errors than the CustomVue system. It is the most accurate device for measuring refractive error every built. It also uses advanced treatment algorithms that are based on years of data so the vision result is superior to that produced by the older CustomVue devices.

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