Sunglasses 101: FAQs About Protecting Your Eyes from the Sun

Do I really need to wear sunglasses? Which sunglasses are best for protecting my eyes? Take care of your eyes by learning more about eyes and sun protection. We’ll answer some of your top questions below. Contact us for personalized advice or to schedule your bladeless LASIK consultation. Call today! Do I Really Need to… Read More »

Do LASIK Results Last Forever?

At Will Vision & Laser Centers, our patients usually want to know whether LASIK results are permanent. Since they are investing time and money into laser vision correction, it’s understandable that they are curious about what to expect. The simple answer is that in most cases, LASIK results are considered permanent. Many of our LASIK… Read More »

Can LASIK Change Your Life?

At Will Vision & Laser Centers, our team feels honored to play a part in so many people’s LASIK journeys. We have witnessed first-hand the incredible transformation that our patients experience after vision correction surgery, and we encourage anyone who is tired of going through life wearing glasses or contacts to explore their LASIK options…. Read More »