Vision After 40: How to Treat Presbyopia

Presbyopia is a common vision condition that usually occurs beginning around age 40, when the eye’s natural lens loses its flexibility, making focusing up close more difficult. People with presbyopia experience blurred near vision when reading, using the computer or reading text messages. While presbyopia is inevitable, there are several ways to restore near vision lost… Read More »

What Are the Risks of LASIK?

Laser eye surgery has an admirable safety history and a high success rate. Since LASIK’s inception, millions of procedures have been safely performed. However, as with any surgery, LASIK carries risks. Though complications rarely occur, it is your responsibility as an informed patient to understand and accept the risks. Here, the Will Vision & Laser… Read More »

Can LASIK Improve My Night Vision?

The Will Vision & Laser Centers team works with a number of patients that struggle with poor vision at night — specifically, pesky halos and glares around lights. If you experience these challenges, you are probably curious whether LASIK can improve your night vision. We are happy to tell you that yes; a certain LASIK… Read More »

Can LASIK Be Financed?

At Will Vision & Laser Centers, we believe in the power of laser vision correction. Undergoing surgery and achieving freedom from glasses or contact lenses is a life-changing experience. If you ask us, everyone should have access to the incredible benefits of LASIK surgery. Part of making LASIK accessible to a diverse group of patients… Read More »

How Do I Know If I’m a Candidate for LASIK?

Are you nearsighted or farsighted? Do you have astigmatism? Are you tired of needing corrective lenses to see clearly? If you answered “yes” to the above questions, consider laser vision correction! LASIK is one of the most commonly performed elective surgeries because it is quick, safe and produces excellent results. LASIK surgery is not for… Read More »

Do LASIK Results Last Forever?

At Will Vision & Laser Centers, our patients usually want to know whether LASIK results are permanent. Since they are investing time and money into laser vision correction, it’s understandable that they are curious about what to expect. The simple answer is that in most cases, LASIK results are considered permanent. Many of our LASIK… Read More »

What’s the Best Technology for LASIK?

At Will Vision & Laser Centers, we are confident that we offer the best technology to our LASIK patients. We invest in industry-leading systems and instruments that help us plan and perform LASIK surgery safely and effectively. Prospective technology is carefully vetted before we introduce it into our practice. Here are some of the technologies… Read More »

Can LASIK Change Your Life?

At Will Vision & Laser Centers, our team feels honored to play a part in so many people’s LASIK journeys. We have witnessed first-hand the incredible transformation that our patients experience after vision correction surgery, and we encourage anyone who is tired of going through life wearing glasses or contacts to explore their LASIK options…. Read More »