19th Century Science Powering Today’s Vision Technology (Kamra Inlay)

Since its first discovery in the 16th century, variations of the pinhole camera have been used by humans to explore the world around us. From allowing the first astrologists to safely study solar eclipses to their academic role as a scientific experiment for elementary students, this lens-less camera has found diverse uses. In recent years,… Read More »

Is Kamra Inlay Right for You?

The KAMRA corneal inlay is an innovative vision solution that promotes clear and healthy sight. This treatment may be recommended for patients with a variety of common eye problems, including dependence on reading glasses. Imagine a daily life free of the struggle to read clearly and focus on close-up objects. Read our infographic below to… Read More »

Outdoor Adventures Made Easier with LASIK

During the summer, we love spending time outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. Summers here are magical with gorgeous weather, lush foliage, and abounding outdoor options. We hope that you enjoy summers here as much as we do, but if you’re still wearing glasses or contacts, you’re missing out on some of the summer fun our… Read More »

No More Dry Eye After LASIK

Dry eyes can be itchy and an annoyance, not to mention, bad for you if you continually rub your eyes. While dry eye is rare post LASIK procedure, it can sometimes occur! What is the best way to avoid dry eye after your LASIK surgery? We have some answers for you! At Will Vision & Laser Centers, we use… Read More »

LASIK for Your Career: Professions That Require Amazing Vision

Is your vision keeping you from the career of your dreams? Many people aren’t born with perfect vision, but we don’t think that should ever hold you back. With LASIK surgery many patients can get the vision needed to be successful in almost any career, even those requiring near-perfect vision. Careers That Require Excellent Vision… Read More »

Never Fear Allergy Season Again with LASIK

Watery, itchy allergy eyes are the worst. When you’re wearing contacts the problem can feel even more extreme. Find relief this allergy season at Will Vision and Laser Centers. Never fear allergy season again! How Do Seasonal Allergies Affect the Eyes? Seasonal allergies may be short-lived, but while they are raging, they are miserable. Eye… Read More »