10 Things That Are Better After LASIK

Impaired vision can cause us to miss out on many of life’s little pleasures. Think back to any times you’ve left your reading glasses at home and had to squint to read signs and menus. You could easily lose a contact lens doing an activity like swimming, leaving half the world a blur. LASIK correction surgery at Will Vision and Laser Centers can eliminate these concerns and help you enjoy life to the fullest. Here are a few of the everyday tasks made easier after LASIK.

1. Packing

If you only need glasses to read, you might leave them behind when packing for a vacation. Your first trip after LASIK won’t leave you worrying about forgetting your reading glasses or dealing with the stress of trying to find replacement readers while you’re out of town.

2. Panoramic Views

Staying on the subject of vacations, after LASIK surgery, your vision will be clear and correct for the first time in years. You’ll enjoy sights like rolling countrysides, mountains, oceans and wildlife. You can drink in all these views with freedom from restrictive framed glasses and unlimited peripheral vision.

3. Reading Without Hassle

After our 40th birthday, many of us need readers to read fine print at close distances. Besides LASIK, Dr. Will performs KAMRA Inlay so his patients can say goodbye to their reading glasses. Life will instantly become more manageable when you can leave those often-misplaced readers behind.

4. Prescriptions Never Change

For most adults, LASIK is a one-and-done procedure. It permanently corrects your vision with no need for annual adjustments to your prescription. The long-lasting benefits are especially true for patients who have the procedure after their eyes are fully mature, typically in their mid-20s.

5. Sleep

Once the day ends and the bed is calling your name, you don’t have to worry about falling asleep with your contacts still in. Having LASIK will require one less chore in your nighttime routine.

6. Makeup

After LASIK, you can wear mascara and eyeliner to your heart’s content without the possibility of smudges from your contacts or glasses. No more “raccoon eyes!”

7. Driving

After LASIK, driving becomes a lot easier. You can run errands without experiencing issues like your glasses fogging up or a contact lens slipping out of place, and you’ll feel safe and comfortable knowing you’ll see every sign and signal clearly.

8. Exercise

From running to swimming to yoga classes with your friends, clear vision opens a world of possibilities to enjoy more activities in your life.

9. Taking Photos

Now, every picture you take will be better, thanks to your improved photographic eye. You can frame the best backdrops and surroundings for memorable snapshots of every occasion. From sunsets to selfies, the world has suddenly come into sharper focus.

10. Family

If family is everything to you, you’ll love soaking in every moment after LASIK – from kids’ sports games to movie night. Enjoy perfect vision in bright sunlight, dimmed lighting and everything in between.

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Get LASIK

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