Discover Better Vision with Wavefront Technology

LASIK surgery has come a long way since the first LASIK procedure was performed in the early 1990s. At Will Vision and Laser Centers we focus on offering the best in laser vision correction to our patients. Today, let’s learn about some of the technologies we use to enhance your vision through LASIK surgery, including… Read More »

LASIK Vs. Contacts – Long Term Cost

You want better vision, but you’re worried about the cost. How can you improve your vision without wasting precious dollars and cents? Honestly, who has money to throw away? If you’re a budget shopper, broke college student, or lover of good vision, we’ve created this guide for you! Glasses, contacts, and LASIK surgery are the… Read More »

Give Thanks for Good Vision with LASIK

What are you thankful for this year? Good health or financial security? Family and friends? A warm bed or a gorgeous sunset? Hopefully, you have many reasons to feel thankful already on your list, but we encourage you to add one more. This Thanksgiving, give thanks for good vision. Come see us at Will Vision… Read More »

What Is Dry Eye?

Tears are essential for good eye health. They lubricate and clean the eye with each and every blink. Unfortunately, some people develop a condition known as dry eye where they lack sufficient tears or have poor quality tears. This can leave the eyes feeling irritated, gritty, or burning. Left untreated, dry eyes can lead to… Read More »


Do you have LASIK questions? Many people do. We’re answering some of our most frequently asked questions below. Don’t see yours on the list? We would love to meet with you in person to answer your questions and provide personalized treatment advice. Call us today and schedule your LASIK consultation at Will Vision & Laser… Read More »