Sunglasses 101: FAQs About Protecting Your Eyes from the Sun

Do I really need to wear sunglasses? Which sunglasses are best for protecting my eyes? Take care of your eyes by learning more about eyes and sun protection. We’ll answer some of your top questions below. Contact us for personalized advice or to schedule your bladeless LASIK consultation. Call today! Do I Really Need to… Read More »

Contacts vs. LASIK

You’re tired of glasses and are ready to try something new. What option is best: contacts or LASIK? Let’s compare! Ditch Those Glasses- Here’s Why If you wear glasses, you know that wearing them can be a hassle. Here are a few reasons to consider trading those glasses in for a different vision correction solution… Read More »

Fireworks and Eye Safety

Are you looking forward to 4th of July fireworks this year? Enjoy the fun, but do it safely. This guide will help you protect your eyes, and the rest of you too, from the dangers of fireworks this year. Fireworks Injuries- How Common Are They? Thousands of firework injuries occur every year, most often during… Read More »

Ditch the “Dad Glasses” and Get LASIK for Father’s Day

  Make your Father’s Day dreams come true this year and treat yourself to better vision. With LASIK, you can ditch those annoying glasses and contacts and discover your best vision. Dr. Will is a leading refractive surgeon, one of the best in the Pacific Northwest. We offer the best-of-the-best technologies in LASIK vision correction… Read More »

Tips for Relaxing Your Eyes

  With the abundance and popularity of modern technology, eye strain can be a real problem. Research shows that 50-90% of people that work at a computer screen have some symptoms of computer vision syndrome (CVS), or eye problems relating to computer use. What can you do? Relax your eyes often to relieve eye strain… Read More »