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Will Vision and Laser Centers Best Doctors in America 2007 – 2015
Best Doctors in America 2007 – 2015
Welcome to Will Vision and Laser Centers

Doctor Will has extensive refractive surgery experience. He has performed over 55,000 LASIK procedures. Over 99% of our patients achieve vision that is as good as or better than they had with glasses or contacts. Will Vision & Laser Centers have three convenient locations in Portland, Vancouver and Salem all within a couple of minutes from the freeway. We know you have more to do with your day than to come to visit the doctor, so we want you to be able to get in and out of our offices easily and quickly.

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advanced technologyOur advanced technology

The old adage "measure twice – cut once" works in LASIK as well as it does in carpentry. That's why at Will Vision & Laser Centers we don't take anything for granted and leave no stone unturned with respect to measuring and re-measuring your eyes. That's why we invest tens of thousands of dollars in the most advanced imaging technology available in the world.

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self-imageChange Your Self-image with LASIK Surgery and Turn Some Heads

Maybe you don't have aspirations of being a movie star but you can still crank up your self-image, show off your naturally sculpted facial features, dazzle your friends with the twinkle in your eyes and wink at your soul mate without your eye glasses getting in the way or popping out a contact lens.

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