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The story of a dedicated group of people whose unique combination of scientific achievements, personalized care and commitment to a "zero-order" surgery defect paradigm have propelled Will Vision to its recognized position as a world-class destination in the field of refractive surgery.

At Will Vision, we believe that exceptional results are not a matter of chance - our dedication to provide our patients with the benefits of leading edge technology, advanced medical science and unparalleled medical skill and judgment; all delivered in an atmosphere of sensitivity and concern for each person, creates that special environment that promotes true healing and genuine excellence.

At Will Vision, our "firsts" highlight our dedication to the unyielding pursuit of excellence. Making the needs of patients our first priority also demands that we not be satisfied with "yesterday's technology". As a result, Will Vision has introduced more technological "firsts" in the Pacific Northwest than all other laser centers in the region combined.

If you are interested in an uncompromising commitment to excellence, first-class surgical outcomes and a level of personalized care that is truly legendary; then you owe it to yourself to consider Will Vision - we define the standard for quality care in laser vision correction.

LASIK Eye Surgery Portland Oregon

1. Better Technology, Better Results, Better Vision.

You’ve heard the adage that “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. Trying to produce consistently excellent vision with outdated LASIK technology is just as foolish. Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result”. More->

2. World recognized authority and Leadership.

Dr. Will at Will Vision & Laser Centers is a recognized world authority on Wavefront guided Intralase. He literally pioneered the Intralase technology and has the award to prove it. More->

3. All Laser LASIK with the Intralase Method.

Will Vision and Laser Centers introduced “All laser LASIK”, alternatively known as the Intralase method, to the Pacific Northwest in 2002. Today the Intralase method of performing laser vision correction is recognized world wide as the “crème de la crème”. More->

4. Recognized Center of Excellence.

Getting your information from the grape vine is a good plan if you’re in the grape business. However, unless your best friends mother’s brother works at a LASIK center, getting reliable information on the street about where to go and who to see might leave you misinformed and even confused. More->

5. No Nickel and Dime - No Bait and Switch

You’ve spent 3 hours at the store deciding on the latest plasma LCD television for your den, making sure you have a good price and one your budget can afford. Then at the checkout, you get hit for the infamous “extended warranty” and you find yourself paying for all the wires, cables, batteries, gizmos and do-dads that actually make the thing work. More->

6. No tiered pricing schemes

“Are you feeling lucky today?” Not exactly the first words you like to hear from a LASIK counselor, yet that is exactly the message that you will be presented with if you visit many LASIK centers today. More->

Why haven't you
had Lasik yet?

1. Worried about suboptimal vision results.
Advanced wavefront guided Intralase technology unleashes the potential for you to attain visual quality that actually exceeds that obtainable using glasses or contact lenses. More ->

2. Concerned about night vision.
One of the problems that the early pioneers of LASIK technology could occasionally deal with were issues of night glare or halos. More ->

3. Heard all the hype about dry eyes.
Tears naturally keep the eye moist and comfortable. More ->

4. Apprehensive about the LASIK flap.
Frankly, so were we. That’s why in 2002, Will Vision and Laser Centers introduced the first Intralase femtosecond laser technology to the Pacific Northwest. More ->

5. It needs more testing.
LASIK is the most common elective surgical procedure performed in the US, bar none. More ->

6. You haven’t called Will Vision & Laser Centers
Will Vision & Laser Centers is the premier center for advanced wavefront laser vision correction in the Pacific Northwest. More ->

Negligible Downtime.

7. Negligible Downtime.

You’re buried in work. Family and friends are competing for your attention. Taking time off for laser vision correction instead of the vacation at the beachfront condo doesn’t seem like a desirable tradeoff. More->

Get your life back.

8. Get your life back.

How much time and money have you spent on glasses and contact lenses? Imagine a life where you don’t need an extra 20 minutes a day to “put in” and “take out” your eyes or feed them contact lens solutions and lubricants to make it through the day. Think of the countless hours you could save. More->

9. Awesome vision out of the box

Amazing vision, personalized care, leading edge technology, unparalleled surgical experience, awesome right out of the box…what more can you be looking for. More->

You dont need a Rich Uncle.

10. You don't need a Rich Uncle.

Laser vision correction actually only sounds expensive. With our easy 0% financing plans and low payments, almost anyone can qualify for LASIK at Will Vision and Laser Centers.
With nothing down and zero interest financing all you need is a desire to experience all that world-class laser vision correction can offer. Enjoy freedom from glasses and contact lenses today. More->

Do amazing fun stuff

11. Do amazing fun stuff.

Imagine a life where you wake up in the morning with clear natural vision… Go snow skiing, golfing, water-skiing, hunting, fishing, mountain climbing without the hassle or worry over losing a contact lens or your glasses at the least opportune moment. More ->

Jump tall buildings in a single bound or save Your family in a crisis.

12. Jump tall buildings in a single bound or save Your family in a crisis.

Your house is on fire, kids are in the other room and there are only minutes to get out. This is not the time to be fumbling around looking for your glasses or, worse yet, feeling your way down the hallway because you don’t have your contact lenses. More->

Change your self-image and turn some heads

13. Change your self-image and turn some heads.

James Bond, Ethan Hunt, Superman, Charlie’s Angels – classic Hollywood images of suave, sexy action heroes. But have you ever noticed how the action stars in those movies typically aren’t wearing glasses. More->

14. Iris Recognition delivers pinpoint accuracy.

For success in any endeavor there are three essential steps: performing a comprehensive study of the pertinent issues; developing the perfect plan and; flawlessly executing that plan. Successful laser eye surgery also requires attention to those same steps. More->

15. Imaging Technology that can see into the next dimension.

Entering into the unknown on the Twilight Zone is pretty compelling entertainment. Entering into the unknown during a surgical procedure – a nightmare from hell experienced in 3D in real time. More->

16. Location, Location, Location - that is Convenience.

Kids to soccer practice, mom to the mall, pick up the dog from the groomer….feels like you’re living out of your car.   The last thing you need is to drive across town or even another state for laser vision correction. More->